The 500 MT per annum raw material processing capacity is equipped with various combination of extractors, modern and efficient distillation system, reaction vessels, ultra modern technology in filtration and separation, chromatographic columns and dryers  to handle wide range of products. The entire manufacturing process is supervised and monitored by the team of highly experienced professionals of the industry to ensure the consistent quality product in the managed time schedule.

To avoid product contaminations due to corrosion in the vessels and pipelines, the entire facility, contacts as well as non contact parts are of SS 316 and to ensure proper cleaning of vessels and equipments during batch changeovers proper CIP (Cleaning in Place) system with several combinations of nozzles and cleaning devises has been installed. To remove the extraneous material or foreign material from the raw materials manual sieving is done before grinding the material.

Keeping in view the seasonal availability of some of the raw materials huge storing capacity is created to keep the stock for non seasonal uses. The storage of raw materials is done on the Shelf with the quality approval or rejected label on the lots to avoid any confusion. Raw material grinding plays a major role in some of the species where during grinding some compounds get damaged due to generation of heat. Keeping in view of the content of such raw materials specific arrangements of grinding has been installed to take care of the products based on their nature. To ensure the good manufacturing practices all the activities in the production is being recorded in pre designed formats which are periodically audited by the internal auditors.
R&D Facility

Today's world is very competitive and to compete with open global market the organization should be well aware about the latest technologies which plays most important role towards the development of the organization. The technologies which were better on yesterday may not have the same impact on today due to rapid advancement as well as development of new concepts. To cope up such situations Research and Development department plays a major role in any organization to provide guidelines as well as competitive edge. In fact it decides the future of any company in current scenario.

Keeping all the above facts in mind, company has created a modern R&D facility to develop new products and update the existing technologies of manufacturing to get the best quality products. Each and every developed technology, quality protocols and products shelf life is verified and validated before transferring the same to the production. The department is equipped with all sorts of required instruments and infrastructure ably supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists of different disciplines.

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